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Welcome to Sunny Los Angeles, Texas


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Dallas is the new L.A. 


We have earthquakes.


One just hit our building.  One loud sort of bang, building shook, or more rightly "jumped" or "dropped".  I felt my chair leave the ground.


It was not shaky or a series of tremors.  It felt like something literally hit and moved a 26 story building.



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There is a ton of fracking going on all over Texas.  The oil money has so far been able to fight this, but fracking bans are being put in place in north Texas.


It was still very surreal and not at all what I expected.

What are you talking about??? Did you hit your head when you peed your pants and fell off your chair?

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Any bets on whether or not these earthquakes are caused by fracking?

They are related for sure.  But not to the actual fracking.  They are caused by the high pressure injection wells used to "dispose" of the water that is separated from the gas and oil that is recovered after the fracking.


I think it is analogous to lots of rain causing mud slides.  Water, esp. oily waste water is injected under pressure thousands of feet under the ground.  I think it travels between layers and they get loose and slide or shift and you end up with earthquakes.


I am not a geologist or petroleum engineer and I have not stayed in a Holiday Inn Express lately.  

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