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I turned on the AC today


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What router did you get???  How you controlling that thing?

NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300v2). Set me back about $160 including taxes. Aside from changing the SSID and passwords, I'm going with the defaults.

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I have ATT uverse and it is it's own wireless router I guess.  I wonder what groups of numbers and letters it uses to show how bad and slow it is?

Their PACE DSL Gateway Model 4111N is 802.11n. So I guse the N = n thing is going on with the ATT wireless routers.


Look for something like IEEE 802.11.


IEEE 802.11ac is currently the fastest. 1300 Mbit/s max.

        However to use that speed, you need a device connected to it that is also IEEE 802.11ac capable. Many new cell phones are.


IEEE 802.11n is the next fastest and pretty common. 600 Mbit/s max.


IEEE 802.11g is on the slow side of things. 54 Mbit/s max.


IEEE 802.11b is like dial-up. Too slow to think about. 11 Mbit/s max.


Most new wireless routers are backwards compatible. Some all the way back to b. Of course the max speed and what you really get are usually about half.


Of course the router can't go faster than the internet service that you are connected to.


If you want to see how fast your internet access is, try http://www.speedtest.net.


If you want to see how fast your WiFi is, there's a lot of apps for smart phone. I use WiFi Analyzer for my android phone. They can tell you what WiFi hot spots are available plus how fast a particular wifi router is.

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