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So, is it just me, or is this a normal day?


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It feels really good to have a day in which nothing is new, special, celebratory, on rush, meeting, or requires a purchase order.


I'm just getting stuff done, having good conversations, and looking forward to happy hour.  


How your day is going is the opposite of mine, with the exception that there is nothing celebratory going on.  I am cleaning, being exhausted, being annoyed, trying to organize without causing rifts that can't be closed, turning off lights, thinking about food, thinking about the things I have to get at a store.  I am now saying "Screw it, I am taking a nap", and I hope to feel more at peace with things when I wake up.

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Days like yours help me to appreciate days like mine when they come around.  Peace be the day.


Couldn't nap, too much noise.  I am glad you are having a great day!


My pasta sauce is wonderful, my first bread made in a dutch oven is almost ready to go in, too.  I will take a shower, I always feel better when I am clean (I am very hygienic, you see), then RB comes home, these are the nice parts of my day.

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