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I picked up a small chuck roast on Thursday night...the market near work has good meat and they had a sale going on.  I may have purchased a small steak or maybe two last summer to grill...but otherwise...It has been awhile since I purchased beef other than ground for a meatloaf or the beef/pork blend for the meatballs...I just don't buy it much.  Friday I made beef stroganoff..using up some mushrooms and a couple of onions...tonight...the chuck roast, garlic mashed potatoes (I don't actually mash potatoes very often..I mean I usually only cook 1 or 2 little red ones)..I also put carrots & parsnips in with the roast....and made some nice gravy....


I have probably met my beef quota til grilling season....but it sure was yummy!!

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On Saturday I made a vegetable stew served over wild rice made with onion, celery and craisins.  I also made a meatloaf and mashed pots for the carnivores.

Last night I made huli-huli chicken (wings cooked in soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, pineapple juice, ginger and garlic.)  It leaves a nice aroma in the whole house.

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