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We are Pleased to inform you that you have won a prize money of 
($ 750,000.00 USD) with Apple Laptop by Gmail Lottery in conjunction 
with the United Nation. We collects all the email addresses of the 
people that are active online, Among the people that subscribed to 
Gmail and various Microsoft window users, we only select 
thirteen people every year as our winners, without the winner 
applying ,we are congratulating you for being one of them. 
However you will have to fill and submit the below information 
to the events manager. 
1. Full name 
2. Contact Address 
3. Age 
4. Telephone Number 
5. Sex 
6. Occupation 
7. Country 
9. I...........................................hereby Declare that the above information is 
true and binding on me. If at any time it is discovered that I have 
given false information, I will forfeit my rights to my winnings. 
Contact Events manager Lottery Department 
Submit your information to the company email stated below 
Contact Email: gt.gmt@qq.com
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