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Men and their toys.


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At the annual old fart flyer's gathering in Midville, GA this weekend, there is usually a fly-by by one of the pilots in their plane, mostly prop aerobatic planes.  Until this year.  One of them partnered with a friend of his to buy an L-39 Albatros, a Czech fighter trainer.  I did not film the low passes, but here are some pictures of when we took him to the airfield to fuel it up and help him get it ready.  The pilot is on the wing doing the refueling.  He's soon to be 70 years old, and finished third in the Reno air races in his class.  But, he was disqualified when he broke the 250 foot altitude limit.  They like the planes to stay between 50 and 250 feet for some reason.  :whistle:


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