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Fun doggie story


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That is pretty cool!  On a related note, not from public transport but from timing, I have a story about a stray dog from Venezuela.  


When I was in Los Roques (Venezuelan national park composed of maybe a dozen little islands) there was a resident population of very friendly stray dogs.  One morning, we hopped in a water taxi to be dropped off at one of the islands about 5 miles away from the main island where we were staying, and a dog I had played with the previous day tried to jump in the boat.  He was denied, but jumped in the water and started swimming in our direction, and I figured he would just turn around and go back to shore when we picked up speed.


Nope, this dog wasn't having it.  A few hours later, he  turned up on the beach where I was, having swam the entire 5 miles to beg for lunch.  Figuring he earned it, I gave him most of the sandwich I brought.  At dinnertime, he showed back up on the main island.  I asked about the dog, and one of the residents said there are a few dogs that will swim between the islands for a meal, and they will all try to get on the boats, although they most often get kicked off if they get on.


I admired those dogs.

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