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The new project is done...


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... and it's not a bike.


This was a dumpster rescue. I saw the neck sticking out of a garbage can when I was coming home from a ride. I couldn't resist grabbing it and giving it life again. It's a late 70's to early 80's Kay body and neck that was gutted. The neck was straight so I figured it was worth saving. I grabbed one of the loaded pick guards from Guitar Fetish and fitted it to the body. I put a set of Elixir NanoWeb strings on it and had my brother do a professional setup. When we plugged it in and handed it to my nephew (his oldest son) and he saw quite happy with it. Not a pro level guitar, but a whole lot of fun. 


I might end up giving this one to the nephew that's living with us right now. He wants to learn, so I might dangle this one in front of him as incentive.



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