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This got ugly - quickly (apologies, bike related)

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I wanted to attach my BOB trailer to my mountain bike.  Most normal people would buy a special skewer used for that sort of thing.  When I eyed up how the trailer would fit onto such a rear skewer, it seemed the hitch of the trailer would come perilously close to the plastic bits of the rear derailleur.




Now, normally I don't mind a little peril:




but in this case risking a snapped-off derailleur miles from home - or miles from anywhere for that matter - was more peril than I could bear.


So I took a look at the configuration of the rear rack:




Then bought some 1/2" bolts, fender washers, 1/2" nuts including a couple with nylon inserts, and hunted down some 8/32 machine screws and nuts from the TK Basement Warehouse...





And assembled them on the lower part of the rack.  The 1/2" bolts fit the hitch on the BOB pretty well.  The machine screws keep the bolts and washers from slipping down off the rack.  I tried to bend the washers to create flanges for the same purpose (to avoid using the machine screws) but the washers were too brittle for the angles needed.




With both sides assembled and the trailer attached, there's enough clearance from the derailleur to keep me out of peril.




Dr. Frankenstein and Rube Goldberg might readily approve, but cycling purists would declare it 'redneck' I'm sure.  I think the rack has enough strength to tow a fully loaded BOB trailer.  I won't know for certain until I try it out, I guess.

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