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F Murray Abraham


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No, not the guy that played Omar Suarez in Scarface or Amadues in the biopic of the same name.


I am talking about that little weasel Murray Abraham who sat behind me in third grade and stole the note I was passing to Diana Siefert asking her is she wanted to be my girlfriend.


F that guy.

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I'm guessing he did not want to compete with her for your affections - that's why he stole the note...

He then drew a rude picture on the note and passed it on to her.  She hated me after that.  I heard later that he used my exact wording for a note he sent her the next day.  I would see them sitting together, sipping chocolate milk and eating PB&J and giving me hateful looks and I was so mad I could, well, I was mad, let me tell you.

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