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Monday night's shenanigans.

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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8:30 PM, I hear tires spinning as if someone is stuck in the snow. Look out the window and sure enough, someone is in the ditch across the street. I take one look at how badly he's in and go "Nope, can't help him..." I see a cell phone light up, so I know he's calling someone. A little while later a flatbed shows up, yanks the car out and takes it away.

SO heard sliding tires and looked up just in time to see him dive into the ditch. She says "I still don't know how the hell he did it..."

The next day, I went out and got the whole story....

Apparently, he exited the right side of the road, just missed a utility pole, plowed about 50' of mud and snow in the ditch, hit the end of my other driveway, got launched back onto the road and then spit into the other ditch...

He had to have been going like hell. Darwin, you slipped up this time...

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