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Topeak Freaking Rocks!


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So Ryan, our youngest, bought Wade a Topeak Survival Wedge for Christmas.  They installed it on his bike together.  They both ride and they both know how to use saddle bags.


So last week, Wade went for a ride and when he got back, his bag was gone.  We rode the entire trail twice looking for it to no avail.  


In preparation for the ride, I had to change a flat on another bike, and when we went to take the bag off from under my saddle, the latch on the quick clip broke.


A few emails to Todson, the parent company of Topeak, later and I have replace latch on the way for my bag free of charge and a replacement bag for Wade that they sold to me at 50% off!


This is the sort of customer service that keeps a customer loyal for life.



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Have their seat post rack, the bag that goes with it, one of their pumps and a couple of their minitools. Never had any issue with any of them, but nice to know they'll stand behind their stuff.

Sigma is another good one. I've dealt with them several times and always been pleasantly surprised.

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Perforfmance is great too.

They gave me new helmet after my big wreck, replaced it 10 months later due to a broken strap, and gave me a 3rd new helmet to replace that one after my latest crash.

I can't say enough nice things about my local Performance bike shop.

I always recommend this shop to other cyclists because of how they have treated me, and they know that it pays off

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I volunteer as a "Bike SAG" for local MS rides and carry the Topeak Roadmorph as a frame pump.  One ride I fixed 5 flats for other people and, incredibly, 5 of my own.  Every cyclist I helped marveled at the Roadmorph because of the gauge on it, how quickly it filled the tires, and how compact it was for the performance.  No CO2 inflater could have matched it.


I had a Sigma Karma light that went bad two months past warranty.  Sigma replaced it no questions asked.  Because the model I had was obsolete, they sent me the most recent comparable light which was a nice upgrade. :nod head:

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