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Hello all!


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Been a bit. New year brings on a new semester and seems I took on a largish course load for my first semester at a real Uni.


Physics, Phy Lab, Phy Problems, Engineering Applications, Engineering Concepts and Eng Con Lecture.


I had assumed that most of these would be combined with their respective partners. Alas it turns out it is all on the same theme but quite separate in their work loads. So I might be quite absent for a bit on the forums.


In other news MIL leaves, Monday, after my birthday this Sunday. Heading back to Turkey. I'll miss the food and the fact I didn't have to clean. Oh, and her company a well.


I think I posted a pic of the finished campus cruiser but here is one with her weighted and at campus.



Everything works like a dream. Though the back wheel comes cockeyed after a long day of riding. I think it is a matter of tension since it is a makeshift single speed right now. I cant crank the skewers much more tight without making the pressure on the wheel so much it has little free spin. I'll figure it out soon.


Since I have neither the time nor inclination to shift through the last few weeks of post:

How goes it on your end?

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Good to hear from those interested.
A few points:
Glad your feeling better petite
P8 thanks, I like my dope bike.
I shall not shorten the bike cable, this makes it quirky.
DH, rocks and dirt are fun till it hurt. Train hard and kicker ass
RG quit being a bitch, chew out a cabbie in true NY fashion and eat some scrapple. That always hits the spot.

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Bike looks good! Wish I had the good weather to ride to school right now, but I do not see myself getting back on the bike for another couple months. 

School here starts next week, I wish I still had a few more weeks off.. LOL


I wish I had a bike that I could trust enough to lock outside.

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