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SW Vibes / Energy / Prayer request


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A friend who is also the brother of my closest lifelong friend has issues that can cause him to pass out / fall.  He fell right around Christmas and was hospitalized for a few days.  Massive concussion, etc.


Earlier this week he fell again and was hospitalized again, with damage to frontal lobes.  Last night, he stopped breathing, was intubated and is now in critical condition and going in for emergency inner cranial surgery.


That is all I know for now.  


Whatever good energy / thoughts / prayers you might have would be greatly appreciated.


The guy's name is Bill.



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Update.  Bill regained consciousness on Saturday.  He is breathing on his own and was responsive and coherent but seems very distant and disconnected.  He recognizes people and was able to correctly answer the question "who got robbed in Green Bay" by saying Dez Bryant.  Long term prognosis is still uncertain.  Nuerosurgeon feels that there will be long term impairment, but does not have a sense as to what degree.


His brother came over to watch the game and have burgers with us last night.  I think he just wanted some normalcy for a bit.

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