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Why in the name of all that is holy


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Speaking of, did a version of these clowns ever come to your school. Small private school in Greenville mind you and someone made the call to allow these clowns to entertain us in assembly.

Some of the influential parents got together and the Mrs. Garrett was let go.

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I went to elementary school in a small town in Oklahoma.  The only thing that ever came to enterain us was the random tornado.  I do remember a field trip to a dairy and a bakery.  the high point of the year was when we got to line up and have the nurse comb our hair looking for lice.  Either that or the day that we could get our shots for free.  I remember some sort of air powered Star Trek looking gun that they shot us up with.  I think it was for distemper or mad cow or some crazy okie disease.


I also remember the day that the school principal, a stern matron who looked like she taught in Mayberry or Mayfield called a school assembly to lecture us about hygiene or manners or somesuch after someone took a dump on the boys bathroom floor.  Except we were all confused because she would only call it a "BM" and I we had no idea what she was talking about.


Sort of like the time the people at the Dairy Queen where Bunkie's Donuts is now, at the corner of Custer and Lookout, kept telling the post man they could not make him a dip cone, or a malt or a sundae or a parfait because they did not have enough DQ.  He would order something and they would tell him not enough DQ, so he would order something else.


Finally, he asked what DQ was.  They told him it was their "ice cream" but they had to call it DQ.


I miss that DQ.  I do not miss the mailman, he was grumpy and he told my buddy Chris Spearson that he had hair like a girl.  To be fair, Chris was teasing the mailman about his gray post office uniform shorts with the stripe on the side, so he had that hair remark coming.


I think I will do get a dip cone now.

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