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The 10 Best Things About Living Alone


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  1. Being able to walk around half (or fully) naked.
  2. You never have to label your groceries because all the food is your food.
  3. And therefore, you can eat and drink out of the container and never be judged for doing so.
  4. You never have to hide your good shampoo, condition or soap. 
  5. Speaking of, you can do whatever you want, for as long as you want, in the bathroom. 
  6. You probably get a better night's rest than the rest of the world. 
  7. You get to watch whatever you want on television/internet.
  8. You can decorate to your heart's desire. 
  9. Instead of cleaning, you can totally just do this.
  10. You never have to deal with a roommate's annoying friend.


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