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She is here!!


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I would be honored if you chose this hero pilot to base his / her call sign off of.




Col. Loisel was my high school physics teacher and an incredibly humble man.


His call sign was "The Screamin' Kid"



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Loisel is sounding better and better
To see the P38 pictures click here.

John Loisel served in combat longer than any other US pilot. He had just been commissioned and was on a ship heading to the Philippines when Pearl Harbor was attacked. When it was all over in 1945 he had risen to the rank of Lt Col, commanded the 475th Fighter Group "Satan's Angels", and flew over 300 combat missions! According to his entry in The American Fighter Aces Album John Loisel finished WW2 with 11 victories. He stayed in the Air Force, flew in Korea, and retired in 1970 as a Colonel.

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Airedales grow really fast like some of the giant breeds. Their litters are generally quite large. Oh my gosh they are soooo cute. I'm in love.

We really like the sire so we waited for the right litter. He was an excellent therapy dog. He passed two years ago so we are running out of opportunities to get one of his puppies.

This is UnSung Hero the day that he won the National Airedale Speciality at Week of the Airedale.

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