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2 senior friends have died and a 3rd had a stroke


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:(   I got a call last Thursday evening that the mother of an old family friend had died.  Celia was 100.  A lovely Italian lady who knitted doll clothes for me when I was young...I shared romance novels with her and she taught me how to make what I call "Italian Gramma Green Beans" ...Her son was a good friend of my mothers and I kind of became part of the family after my mom died..until he got mad a few years ago (I take heart in knowing I am not the only friend he walked away from over the years)..Anyway..I continued to send Celia Christmas cards.


I got 2 calls tonight....from the Ex of Celia's son....He wanted to make sure she called to tell me that my friend "Boots" died.  I saw her a year ago this past October and it was so sad because she was having memory loss..I shared some of their family Christmas celebratons...and Boots and I would do car trips to go antiquing and have lunch.  She was also a lady of strong faith. She was like so supportive of me after my mom died...even last year when I saw her..we just enjoyed going for a ride to look at the fall colors...I will miss her.


In the middle of that call..Celia's son called his Ex again...to ask her to tell me that another old family friend (another "adopted mom" like person) had a stroke and was in the hospital today.....she is about 88 years old.



OMG Petite Pedal will have Kermit the frog eyes tomorrow from crying. :(

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