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What should I make for dinner?


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 I would just make the pizza, and it would be so much better!


I think I am gonna make farro pasta with some broccoli.  I should make a desert, too, but I don't really do that.


Fine.. be that way... why don't you just make some pot stickers, or been chili

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I am a Texan we burn oil just fir the hell of it. I like to pour crude oil in the lake offmy sailboat


Not to hijack this thread or anything, but the only qualms I have about burning oil or any other damn non-renewable resource is the pollution, I don't really care about "wasting" the resource on big-ass SUVs or anything of the sort.  Once that fuel runs out, something else will be along to take its place.

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I found it.


David Carter Brown, Sakura, By the Sea dinner plate




Hmm, it looked cooler in Bosox' picture.  I just want one, though.  I don't like matched sets of plates, how the hell do I know which kind of plate I want to eat off of tomorrow?

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