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I need a Dr..


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Anyone here want to write me a script for me to use my computer in one of my classes at college... The teacher decided this would be a good time to stop using computers or any devices in his class so people will stay away from being distracted.. 


Here is my issue.. It is a 4 hour class two days a week, and I can not write with a pen or pencil that long taking notes.. About 9 years ago I got my had slammed between a vehicle and cribbing on a fire scene. It bothers my hand so bad that it will cramp up and I can not take notes after about 15 min of writing. At this point I am not even good for listening because the pain will not go away.


I was told to get a Dr's note, but my Dr told me he will not write one since he was not my medical provider when it took place. The Dr told me with time and perseverance I can adapt and over come this hinderance.. 

My reply to him was this:


"Adaptiong and overcoming is for sissies, I destroy and devastate everything I put my mind to. Because of an injury I received while saving a life of a child from a motor vehicle accident lets you tell me that I am not trying hard enough in life? When was the last time you really made a difference in the world, got hurt doing so, and needed someone to stand behind you for doing that job? Have you ever had to make a life or death decision that caused you pain in the end? Have you ever in your life put someones life in front of yours, not as a good deed, but because you generally cared to help a person you do not know for free?"


There was silence on the phone and his comment was "There is nothing I can do because you decided to see another physician during that time"

Me: I lived in Ohio.. Why would I have come to see you in Wisconsin?

Him: Sorry about this, but I can not write you anything.

Me I hope you like writing scrips for fat people to get handicap parking spaces, but cause thats all you are good for.

Him <silence>

Me: looks like my family is getting a new Dr.. Have a good life cowering in an office. 


So who wants to write me a scrip??? BTW.. my hand is killing me from typing this..... 

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Don't bother with the doctor.  Just demand the college to make a 'reasonable accommodation' for your disability. If they don't get a lawyer to make a phone call or write the college a letter asking why they are discriminating against you.
I suspect it will get this resolved in your favor.

I will look into it tomorrow, since I have a learning disability it might work in my favor


Coworker just informed me he's getting a vasectomy and thinking about going to Dr. Snip.

been there, done that... It's not all that bad
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