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The secretary where I work inspired me to try get in shape.  She’s pretty nice I guess, she has some mad skills with the electric three-hole punch.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to ride bike to work when I can.  The distance isn’t far, only 1.75 miles, but there’s a 200 ft. climb near the end.  More often than not I have to push my bike up the hill.  The climb leaves me pretty sweaty.  When I go past her desk, she usually is ogling my package.  The way she stares at my lap makes me a little uncomfortable so today I thought I’d clarify why I am dressed in a cycling kit.  I walked over to her desk to point out that I rode my bike today.  She made a lame joke about whether I was going to a meeting dressed like I was.   Then things got weird as she grabbed a letter opener and tried to stab me in the “soft tissue”.

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