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I have not been able to log into my fb account


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I almost never go to Facebook, but I suspect a site that big does not go down.

That may be a phishing scam.

Can you try from a different pc? That one may be infected.

SW eventually I had my daughter sign into my account from her computer and then I was able to get in.  If it wasn't for the studio page I wouldn't have worried so much about it.

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We deactivated. The site just had so many negative energy from the posters.  Bitch..bitch..bitch


I don't care how many cute puppy pics you see on there,it doesn't make up for the annoying religion, politics and baloney.


I guess you have to have the right kind of friends on there.  For me it's all positive - I keep up with friends and family I don't get to see very much, and belong to some very useful groups like yoga studio owners.  My studio fb page is a way to keep my clients connected with day to day goings on.

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