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Does your spouse wash your bikes for you?


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We aren't a normal family.  There was a truing stand on our kitchen table a few nights back. HAHA


My man was lacing a new hub on the fat bike wheel.  The garage is quite cold right now, so he was working at the kitchen table.  


When we get a new bike, it lives in the kitchen and house, until it gets rode.  My pump track bike paint really matches my kitchen.  

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They won't stay clean



Agreed.  I washed my commuter bike on Saturday morning.  Then, I went out on a cross ride. It got filthy. So, I washed it again today.


Rinse...and repeat.


A filthy bike just seems terribly wrong to me.  It makes me feel happier to ride a bike that looks like new.  This is why it is so nice to go out when it is frozen. There is no mud.  


Same thing with the house.  It is nice to be in a clean house, even though it will just get dirty again.

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I wouldn't trust most people to wash my bike.  Most people would completely screw something up, and there would be greaseless bearings, missing seatbags, torn tape or somesuch.


I do it right.  I even disconnected the hose and blew it out to prevent freezing water for the next cleaning.  I put everything away and rolled up the hose.

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