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Further evidence: Engineers are socially hopeless and clueless

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant with Mrs. TK and Youngest Daughter.  The place was small, so the tables were small and close together.  The next table over a gentleman was speaking to a lady dining with him - and speaking in the Loud Voice.  You've heard that Loud Voice: it projects like a megaphone and the speaker seems entirely unaware of how loud he seems to others around him.


Unbelievably, the man was speaking to the lady about square roots.  And equations.  And tracing with his index finger the equations on the table.  And, believe it or not, about electrical short circuits and fault values for electrical buses. :rolleyes:  And the explanation of why it was important for the calculations to be run a certain way.


The lady nodded politely at the appropriate times, but it was clearly evident to anybody but LoudMan that she had little interest in his talk about square roots and short circuits.  Fortunately for everyone nearby, their food came and the gentleman shut up while he stuffed his face.












That's when I prepared to speak up to tell to the lady how LoudMan had explained it all wrong, but Mrs. TK saw me start to wind up and gave a kick in the shins so I kept my peace.

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