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So one time, I banged this chick...


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...but I was a virgin, so I didn't know wth I was doing.  I faked it, though, and made my way through it unscathed.


Lynn wasn't hot, but pretty and had good enthusiasm for the activities.  Anyway, I got a summer job at an amusement park in Ohio (the best amusement park in the world) the next year, I was a weight guesser.  Lynn also got a job at the same amusement park.  There was an employee cafe there.


One night, in the cafe, I was drinking with a buddy of mine and a couple of his friends that I hadn't met before.  We drink a good bit, then discover that we had all dated this same chick, but I was the only one to sex her up.  We were all having a good laugh about this when the door opened and Lynn walked in.


We all shouted over to Lynn, who then had to mentally piece together just what the hell was going on.  She face-palmed before there was even an internet, then realized that she had to come over and talk to us drunken lunatics, which she handled as briefly and gracefully as she could.


The end.

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