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Did he cant the axles?

No.  He polished the heck out of them and used a ton of graphite in the wheel hubs, and he filed the axle slots a bit to make the axles easier to insert, but he did not bend the axles or cant the axles.  The car seemed to track pretty straight.  Scale speed for his car was 206.1 vs 209.7 for the Pack champion.


The numbers below are the top 10 cars cumulative time for top 3 runs down the track and avg. scale speed. 


9.5120 209.7 9.5860 208.0 9.5960 207.8 9.6020 207.7 9.6050 207.6 9.6530 206.6 9.6580 206.5 9.6690 206.3 9.6720 206.2 9.6750 206.1
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Awesome!  I have two third place and one first from derbys as a kid at my folks house.  Those were good times.  My best car, we bondo-ed sheet lead to the bottom center.  Boy, do I remember the graphite, too.


Do you still have to sand the seams off the wheels?

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