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tonight's beer


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Had a bomber of this over the weekend. I'm quite fond of it


That sounds really good.  I love what the bourbon barrel aging does for a beer.  Kentucky Ale is Ok.  Really nothing special.  But when they age it in bourbon barrels and it becomes Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale it becomes probably my fav beer of all time.  Similar to wine.  I usually go for a dryer cabernet.  Don't really like the sweeter wines.  But there are several local places that age a semi-sweet to sweet reds in bourbon barrels and they are outstanding.  Something about how the sugar in the wine reacts with the charred wood. 

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Not necess-celery. That's how some "oak-ed" beers are done, as well. Toss some chips in (or make "oak tea"), toss some bourbon in and you've got an 'oak aged bourbon" beer. Makes it easier to control.

I still like the idea of using an actual bourbon barrel.

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