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Have you ever had your teeth whitened?

Road Runner

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Or bought any of those whitening products other than tooth paste?  I've been considering it.  What works best?  I've been seeing those ads for Crest whitening strips.  They claim to do a great job (of course).  Any downsides, like all your teeth fall out or your gums start bleeding or painful rectal itch?   :scratch head:

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I used store bought stuff.  It worked ok I guess.  My dentist charges $100 for whitening for life treatments.  I may get that at some point.  I do drink coffee and tea and eat BBQ.  All that crap stains the teeth.  



  • The product was cheap
  • No appt required with a dentist to make the tray


  • without having your dentist make a custom mouth tray, you use a lot more of the whitening paste
  • I am not sure it works as well as a custom tray due to the gaps.  You want that paste right up against the teeth.
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I never have.  I have been blessed with somewhat nice teeth.  The wife has had them done by the dentist with some special tray thing that she leaves in overnight.  It seems like a big PITA to me.  I cannot tell any difference, but I will never tell her that.

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