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tire patches


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On 9/6/2023 at 8:56 AM, ChrisL said:

I asked the question in another thread as I’m not aware of them either.  I wonder if a tube patch kit would work?

I text my LBS owner.  Known the dude for 30+ years. He said patches do not work well with tires. He said plug it. I haven't yet, but will. The tire will hold up to about 20 psi w/o issue. But between 30-50 is leaks. I don't think sealant alone will work, and sealant isn't cheap. The hole small, like a pin hole.

I have watched several youtube videos of guys patching tires. But really don't mention what patch they're using. One guy used a slime patch for a car tire which he bought at an Autozone (or similar) store.

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