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So I had a nervous lady today worried about being home for the installation of a new phone outlet..that will bring high speed internet to our building.  I told folks..if you aren't home..they will try again and....if necessary, I will let them in to apartments...well she changed at least 1 appointment and lunch with her son and so I went to find the guys doing the work...and asked them to take care of her.  Later in the day...after working on this same project, I returned to find a bag with a muffin in it...with a note from her...thanking me for all I do.  Then about 30 minutes later another lady came down with a already peeled CaraCara (?) orange....AND a bottle of red wine...


There are a couple of people who either stop by with some kind of treat...one knows I try to watch my diet...she use to bring me a copy of Vegetarian Times...this Christmas, she gave me a subscription to it.  But both of these ladies have dropped by with a bottle of wine before...and sometimes we just get  home baked goods for all of us at break....


Anyway...it nice to get special treats now & then....

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