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1 minute ago, Wilbur said:

We were sitting at the back of the theatre and my daughter dropped her bag of Skittles.  That made noise for 5 minutes as they pinged off every seat leg.  The audience was laughing at it. 

Yep!   Also, the 5 second rule is void in all theatres.  If it even gets close to the floor, I am out.

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28 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

As a teenager, I worked at a drive-in theater. There was a lot more than groping going on and plenty more beer, wine, and smokes. It was my most fun job. 

Yep, lot's of young men got all hot and bothered knowing they had a date for the drive in movie show.  Spent all Friday thinking about it.  Washed the car, put on clean underwear and wondered "Am I gonna get lucky tonight" as they drove over to pick up their date.

And the sad part is, the date already knew the answer!!!!

I went to a lot of drive in movies.  Could not tell you a single one.

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