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You paid for this

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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Apparently our federal government compiles a monthly report - 'Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena, With Late Reports and Corrections'.  The May 2014, Volume 56, Number 5 is the most recent report I could find.


It's 518 pages long.  Here's the link:


But you better read fast, because the web site says that link is only good for 24 hours from now.


These must be crucial reports, vital to the people, as evidenced by the not-yet-published reports of June through December 2014. 


Here's an example of what you paid for and what you've been missing.




Elsewhere in the report:


"An EF1 tornado destroyed a chicken house, which had no chickens in it. Two other chicken houses had minor damage."


These reports are available back to 1959, too!  From my experience, placing information in narrative paragraph form makes it difficult to use and virtually impossible to collate.


Imagine the people employed and resources devoted to compiling this thing.

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