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Dewalt commercial grade pressure washer.

Honda GX200 engine, 3400 psi 2.5GPM




Powerful enough that it can easily strip the top layer aggregate off my concrete. I had to go deep since the rains this past year was strong ad frequent enough to leave a deep mildew layer. Bought it around 2pm yesterday and got most of my drive cleared before game time. Boy, are my back and shoulders sore today.



Fricken sweet new power toy. Can't believe I talked the wifey into it. Course now she gets the washer and dryer she wants  :D

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Thats a nice unit for washing.. we had one at work that was 40,000 psi, it would easily bore through concrete with the zero tip on it.... I know because we even used it for cutting steel. 


just remember one thing before you start washing... make sure the tip is fully seated and locked before you start spraying... it will shoot out like a rocket and you may never find it again! 

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