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Since We've Been Talking Banjo....


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So I know I'm ugly, and I also know that 5-string banjo is probably my weakest string instrument, too. I mean, I can pick some tunes on one like if we were in a bind or something, but the metal fingerpicks themselves limit what I can do with one.


I play classical guitar, that uses your fingers, but its WAY different.


What banjo really reminds me of, and actually how I approach it, is the finger action is similar to slap popping bass Funkadelic style like Bootsy Collins


Most 5 string banjo players take a different approach


Playing fretted strings with a pick is what I've done most of my life. That's my "native language" so to speak


I have and play a lot of different instruments, though




there's more than that....like this little concertina



so I was thinking about just uploading a sound file of some actual music, since you all were such good sports about the banjo video


Anybody got anything they'd like to hear? I mean which instrument....I'll play what I want, I'm not a jukebox, but...


like to hear some modern music flatpicked on a steel string guitar?


a Christmas carol on the classical guitar?


groove a fretless bass?


wanna hear what a concertina sounds like?


I'll probably do some recording this weekend, so you're gonna get something more than likely, but if anybody's got a suggestion before I get something in my head, I'm all ears :D

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I want to do an audio recording because I really don't have video stuff other than that 10 year old web cam, and its got the buzz in it, which is the cord shorting out.


I have more options of buzzing free audio with either my field recorder or my USB I/O interface that I can plug instruments into directly.


I'm going to fool around with the audio stuff this weekend anyway, because I'm going to record some Christmas carols this month to put on a CD for Mom this year

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