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Have you guys noticed that 'Dexter' really sucks this season?


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I think it has sucked repeatedly since season two. It's also been good at times during that run, but consistently inconsistent is the best that I can say. This season has been annoying with Dr. Vogel, but I thought the last two episodes had at least some good scenes.

I thought season two was one of the best seasons of any show when it aired, not sure I would have that assessment now, though.  The doctor is annoying and not super-plausible to believe that this chick comes out of nowhere and pulls Dexter's strings pretty easily like that.  I also wasn't buying any of the scenes between Quinn and Jamie, the writing is terrible.  Dexter is a lot more emotional and very illogical, certainly not like he usually is, and I am not buying the hapless decision making that he seems to be making.

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On 9/20/2013 at 7:15 PM, Randomguy said:

I haven't seen a show that slipped so badly in a year.  Sure, it had been slipping a bit the last few seasons, but this year's shows are just wretched.


Is it just me?

I liked the ending of this season, but I hope we don’t come back with a Harrison-centric sequel.

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