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Racoon takes down part of power grid


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Downtown Toronto. The area described has alot of office, condo buildings, shopping, restaurants, single family dwellings and subway stations. It's not clear what time..  

Hydro One blames raccoon after downtown Toronto power outage - The Globe and Mail


A masked mammal appears to have been the culprit after a swath of downtown Toronto had its power knocked out.

Hydro One says crews determined that a raccoon “made contact” with equipment at a downtown Toronto station and that they were working with Toronto Hydro to restore power.

A Toronto Hydro spokesperson says about 7,000 customers were without power Thursday evening, while traffic lights and transit services were also affected.

With nothing to direct movement at the busy Bloor and Yonge Street intersection, drivers edged cautiously through the area, while beneath them, commuters traversed darkened subway platforms with the help of emergency lights.

Toronto Hydro says the affected area stretched from St. Clair Avenue West to Gerrard Street West, and Avenue Road to the Don Valley Parkway.

There was no immediate word on the condition of the raccoon.

Raccoon blamed for outage that left thousands without power in Toronto | CBC News  Got solved 2 hrs. later.


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One Christmas Day at my sister's house there was a loud ZZZtZtZTZZZtt noise and the power went out.. A few minuets later her shrubs were on fire.

Two squirrels "made contact" with equipment (God) on the power pole. One was in the middle of the street with all of his hair singed off, looked like a naked mole rat, and his buddy was the tinder that set my sister's landscaping ablaze. 

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Yeah, animal contact with power equipment never ends well for the animal.

I'd suggest the squirrel that lived most likely didn't make contact with a live wire or equipment.  That squirrel was in the fireball that happened when the first squirrel did make contact. 

I've seen electric faults,  and the flash / fireball is larger than you would except. It's something you never forget.  

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