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The Swinging Sixties

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1 minute ago, shootingstar said:

OMIGOD... the sock hop jargon was around for us ....in our high school up to Gr. 9.

Me too. There was always one day a year where we dressed in 50’s style clothes. Jeans, leather jackets, poodle skirts with black and white shoes. There is no evidence that I wore poodle skirts on those occasions.

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3 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Didn’t the love forum have a guy that went by no socks? He was always getting hit by trucks when riding his bike and almost dying.


2 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:


He was here.

He was banned.

No, dude was NoSocks. He lived in Jackson MS and was married to TheEnglishRider. @Ralphiewas faster than me. I several of us met him when he visited Alexandria on a business trip. I know @Zealotwas there. We planned a ride but it was raining so we drank beer and had a meetup at a bar 

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1 minute ago, Ralphie said:

No, no socks. He was the English rider’s hubby but they got divorced ages ago before she married road warrior who has since died. 

Ok I remembered the name but got my story wrong. How do you and petite keep track of everybody?

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When the girls back then got their hair done, it tended to look like this. Here are two of my neighbors and me getting ready to leave for our 1968 Senior Prom.  We each had different dates but Lauretta's (on left) mom wanted a picture of us.  Carol on right passed away in 2023.  Her brother Ronald now lives in the house she grew up in. His wife Sharon is Lauretta's cousin.  Lauretta, like me, also moved back into her late parents' house so now she's my neighbor again as is Carol's brother and Sharon.


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1 hour ago, Dottleshead said:

1964? You do realize I wasn’t born until a few years later. Perhaps it’s time to go back to Oldie.

In early 2015, i got a new boss. At our first staff meeting, he asked each of us to briefly explain our history working,  etc...  I waited and went last.  

I told him; 'Peter I've been working here longer than you have been alive.'  The room went silent.  After a bit Peter asked,  when did you start working here?  'June of 1977.'  He said he was born in April of 77, so i was wrong.   We got along just fine after that.

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A lot of cities had Saturday teen dance shows in the 60's where famous rock/soul singers would lip-sing their songs while the show's teen dancers and a few dozen teens who got tickets danced around.

Miss Anne, the mother of one of my friends on our block, used to let us, a bunch of kids between 11-14, have a Teen Party in her basement where she served us Kool Aid and Cookies.  We'd watch the "Buddy Dean Show" - around the same time as this threads pictures - and copy the moves of the dancers.  Later, in high school, our group from our block could do all the dances: twist, mashed potato, locomotion, cha-cha, etc. better than most of the other teens, thanks to Miss Anne.

One of the "Deanettes" dancers later became the daughter-in-law of an aunt-by-marriage of mine.

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