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I Found A New Training Partner!

Razors Edge

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...or, rather, he found me???

I was on my ride yesterday afternoon, and on the last 4 miles or so before getting back, when I passed a garishly dressed dude riding in the other direction.  Bright yellow kit that was great for visibility. I thought to myself, "I wonder what team kit that is?" but kept riding.  Anyway, a short time later, as I rolled to a stop for a road crossing, I heard a bike roll up behind me.  That bike continued to draft me all the way home, and while I was waiting at a different intersection, I said hi to him and recognized he was the garishly dressed guy. :D When I got home, I checked out the rear camera footage, and noticed her IMMEDIATELY turned around after we crossed paths in the beginning.  It was not a "natural" turn-around point, so he apparently did it just to get a chance to hop on my wheel for a stretch.

As ever, I'm fine with folks drafting me. I prefer they announce themselves. If they don't, I stick to the bare minimum of safety warnings. If they do, I will often either chat with them a bit and/or at least be more active with warnings and comments. Not sure why this guy was so tongue tied that even when I said hi and commented about the weather at a stop, he was not very talkative, nor did he offer the simplest, "Thanks for letting me sit on" sort of thing.


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