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2024-02-03 Birthdays

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4 hours ago, Wilbur said:

I thought she said she dated Cheese?

She did, I talked to her on the phone one time when the LF did secret santa things one year.  If  I remember correctly, it wasn't really secret at all, but we sent gifts to each other not to exceed something like $10 or somesuch.

Anyway, I got Cheese and Wolfpack as my giftee/gifter relationship.   I forgot what they sent, but remember the whole process being fun.  I sent them some super hoity-toity foods/snacks that were superb, having been thoroughly taste-tested by the quarrelsome ex and I.   We all got on the phone for a bit, and that was it.

I don't think I appreciated Cheese's unique perspective near as much on the LF, but I realized how awesome he was as SW opened this place up.  Wolfpack and Cheese were no more then, though, but their whole relationship is shrouded in mystery still.   

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