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King Charles Has Cancer


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The king's kind of cancer and treatment were not announced except it's not pancreatic cancer, though it was discovered while he was in the hospital for treatment of pancreatic enlargement.

Hopefully, it's been caught early - like my cancer-research-nurse sister did with her husband, "That's a lung cancer cough!" and he beat it minus one lung lobe.  But not naming it doesn't sound promising.  William, Prince of Wales, will take over appearance duties but his wife Catherine is recuperating from abdominal surgery.

He waited until age 73 to assume the throne and now, just two years later, this hits him.  It reminds me of running for the Maryland House of Delegates on a ticket with three primary running mates in 1982.  The only one of us who won, Paula, died of cancer before she could attend a legislative session.  She made me promise her I'd keep a certain political person from being assigned her spot after she died but he was too chummy with the right people and I couldn't pull it off, though I came in 2nd in the committee voting for it.


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3 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

One of the disadvantages of living to be old.  There are other causes of course but many folks who get cancer now in old age might have died back in the day before ever having cancer.


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1 hour ago, Razors Edge said:

Pretty sure is it the "definition" of old!  Again, nothing wrong in that as we all hope to get there. But pretending it's not, well, that's a bit of a sign of other things...

I love oldness! I love the honesty, the cumulative experiences, the near-constant tension between the material body and the effects of time. There’s a lot to look forward to about 65, 75, 85. 

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