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A poem about poetry


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2 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Very nice.  I like that alot.  Tell me more about frog-dawn.  

A pleasant and unexpected mix of words - imagining frogs playing at dawn.

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39 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

At work the have Poetry Out Loud..once a month...each month a different topic..and they alternate between an afternoon program and an evening one...started by a former resident...a librarian in her 90's

There is quite a crowd...I'd say at least 25 people.

Do folks have a poem ready when they attend? Or are they make up a poem during the session?

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On 2/5/2024 at 2:51 PM, Kirby said:

I'm not usually clever enough to understand a lot of poetry, but this poem about writing poetry by Jennifer Thomas struck me as charming.


The only one I can think of is the first one I ever had to learn in 1st grade, Trees by Joyce Kilmer, that ends:

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

Of course, it mentions God a couple times and I was in Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Elementary School.

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Interesting article from last year about Joyce Kilmer's cross and its role in the traditions of the 69th Infantry Regiment (the Fighting 69th). 


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