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A Haiku about Haikus


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I didn't know what a Haiku (5-7-5 syllables) was until I searched the web to see if it was common for my 1997 Ford Taurus' Service Engine Soon light to stay on when a service center couldn't find a reason it was on.  It was common and someone even wrote this:

Service Engine Soon

Horrid light that burns in Hell

Damn the Ford Taurus.

The service center people knew I had to pay something like $250 min. in order to get a waiver for my state emissions test - which I otherwise passed - and charged me that.

When my next emissions test was approaching, a Korean-American high school student of mine said her Korean grandfather had a nearby garage and she bet he could find the problem.  He did and charged me $75 despite my objections I should pay more, surely giving me a break for being his granddaughter's chemistry teacher.  A part of a sensor broke off and was hidden in a small dark place and blocked the rest of the sensor from reading some sort of motion.  My guess is the replacement sensor cost him $75.

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