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A Story About Stories

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Most of us grew up in homes with more than one story. Many of us have worked in buildings with many stories. Most hotels are a bunch of stories. And even places like a shopping mall will often have a few stories.

What interesting is that for us, the FIRST story is the ground level.  On an elevator, it's usually marked "1" or maybe "L" (for lobby), and the next floor up from ground level is the 2nd floor and so on until you reach the top floor (with a variety of optional names - penthouse, attic, etc.).

BUT in Europe, and other parts of the world, the odd story about floors and what they call the floor in a multi-story building is WACK-A-DOO!  Ground level/lobby level/US 1st floor is called "0" with floor "1" being the first above ground level!!!!  


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4 hours ago, Randomguy said:

The first floor is the ground floor, always and forever.  Anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!


56 minutes ago, Kirby said:

My Mom's old apartment building had a lobby level and a ground level and then a second floor.  I didn't like it one bit. :angry:

That makes more sense than Randomly, though.

Some office buildings or hotels have Lobby and Lower Lobby/Level as well a weird parking or sub floors.  But, man, starting counting at 0 doesn't feel right in building floor numbering.  Logically, it makes sense, but FEEL-wise, nope.

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