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A funny story


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If he says anything about being a crop duster, discourage that. A good friend in high school became a pilot and started crop dusting right out of high school. He caught a power line and crashed. He was a great guy. 

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4 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

My sister's kid is a year younger than Griffin.  He is a senior in HS this year.  He is into planes.  Instead of a traditional high school he only went half days.  The other half he has been going to a partner of the high school that is a tech/vocational program.  He just got his private pilot's license through this program a few weeks ago.  

Last night he flew up to meet Griffin for dinner.  There is a very small airport in G's little town.  The town is about  a 45 min drive from my house.  He flew out of Louisville so it's probably a 1 hour 10 min drive from the airport.  Took him 25 min to fly it.  

They went to dinner in French Lick (pretty cool place, you should google it) home of Larry Legend Bird.  There is a go cart place, they were gonna eat there and then ride go carts.  

But they would not let Levi drive a go cart because he was still 17 and you have to be 18 or have a parent there to sign for you.  

He's like "I just flew up here in a PLANE!"

He should’ve done a bomb run on the place

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