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If you were going to adult a college class

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13 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

I get this is a parody but…

Back when I was chasing CEU’s for a professional certification, I took a security related class at a local JC. The course was taught by a retired LASO deputy and his take was, you guys want to be cops, not rent a cops so he modified the curriculum.  After class I introduced myself, told him my background and why I was taking the class.  We met for coffee a few days later and we discussed the security industry and the private public relationship.

 Sooo, he didn’t modify the curriculum but did give me an opportunity to speak on the industry.  He also said I was the first person ever to max out his class, 100% on all assignments & tests.  Well I hadn’t been out of LE that long and was probably the only student he had who had already had an undergrad degree.

So for about 5 years I guest spoke every semester and it only ended when he retired for good and the JC dropped the class.   He actually petitioned for me to teach the class but the JC wouldn’t hire me without a masters degree. 

Funny how these things work.   I think I told you about my Scout buddy who teaches shooting skills to SWAT officers having to take an NRA basic rifle instructor course in order to teach the rifle shooting merit badge for Scouts.  Same thing happened to him.  Instructor was turning to Mike for answers to questions or to demonstrate some different stances for holding a long gun.

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Let me see.  I have attended school twice per year for the past 45 years and online training modules now exceed 180 per year.  Every time I turn on a computer, I get warning of pending doom if completion doesn't happen now!   There is zero chance I will do a course in anything.  :) 

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