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Venice's name


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There's a documentary on the so-called Science Channel, one of the "Unearthed" episodes that, like so many documentaries today, pretends to discover things that have been known for centuries or millennia.  This one pretends to discover the origins of Venice, but basically ignores it's first 1500 years.

Venice, real name Venezia, is a corruption of the original, ancient Roman name for it that means, "I got this far."

It was founded by people who fled the invasion of the famous Carthaginian General Hannibal.

Apparently, the poor-quality island lands they lived on weren't good enough for anyone else to want it and the people thrived on the bounty of the sea.  As the town grew and had to build on too-soft land, it inspired canals they build with water-impervious sides, buildings of lightweight brick and many arches to lower weight, and eventually  the islands that made up the city were united by bridges.

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Just now, groupw said:

Is the beach still a circus of humanity on the weekends? 

I was there a few years back, during Covid and it was a circus of homeless & drug users… I’m guessing the pandemic closed the outdoor gym.

My buddy & I rode up from Palos Verdes to Santa Monica & back so rode through there out & back and it was gross both times… 

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