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I created a cacophony


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Today is Scouting for Food in our area.  The local Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts put out bags and fliers last week and today they came around to pick up donations.  I always love Scouting for Food as it helps paint a picture for the young Scouts about how small things add up to something really big.   As they go house to house, some leave nothing, some leave a few things and some are very generous.   I often hear Scouts get discouraged when a house or a street leaves nothing.

But when all the Scouts meet up and load all the donations into a truck for delivery, they soon have one or two pick ups full of food.   I like to take the time to talk to them about how all the one and two can donations add up to hundreds or thousands of cans.

So back to my cacophony.  I went to the LGS last night and got a good selection of items from canned veggies and meats to single serve snacks and toothpaste and bar soap.  Enough to fill five grocery bags.  I just heard screams of joy and requests for assistance and I got to watch 5 little Cub Scouts carry the food to their car.  It was a joyous cacophony for all involved.


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We have almost always donated when we got the bags. The times we missed were when life was chaos but we always made up for it the next time. I never thought of the life lesson you shared. Wish more people could see that. Butterfly wings and all…

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