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26 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

I finished the bedroom glue removal, Robyn and her aunt were working away at the bathroom..so I offered to go to this French bakery by my house https://ladeliciousbread.com/

We have been there before..OMG...not quite 10 am...line out the door...got back to my place about 10:30...probably 20 people standing in line outside the door..we each had a croissant..plus I got an exotic croissant...with a mango custard filling. Could not believe how crazy busy it was..apparently they were on tik tok :dontknow:

Was it worth the wait???

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1 hour ago, petitepedal said:

They are yummy...and their other stuff (I've had one or 2 :whistle:) looks and tastes great..but it is not a habit..was there the end of September when Robyn and I went north...as a once or twice a year treat or fancy dessert for company..then it is worth the wait.

A fancy dessert several times / yr. is always worth it.  That mango filled croissant sounds lovely.  Was it like a mango cream filling or?   There's a local bakery that has light chocolate ganache filled croissant. 

I see people piling in to buy gourmet full-sized cakes, presumably for a group celebration.  I realize they cost, but it is very worthwhile if one can't replicate that quality of baking at home.  Dearie and I always bought gourmet celebratory cake or tart for those special occasions. Absolutely no regrets. None.

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