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Midsomer has a lot of murders...


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56 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

:scratchhead:....why do you think that is so?

Tom and John Barnaby...what are the odds of cousins becoming detectives :dontknow:

Andy of Mayberry and Barney were cousins on the first episode, although that concept was dropped early on.

And along that vein, Jessica Fletcher seemed to visit a lot of people - who would ever want her coming to their house?

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Ain't it the truth!  I always love the low budget acting, too. The worst is the "county fair" or medieval festival stuff.  So corny.

And, would you ever vacation on the island of Saint Marie (from Death in Paradise)?  Maybe worse than living in the Cabot Cove or Three Pines?  Probably not - it is at least in the tropics, while those places are practically in the Arctic!

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54 minutes ago, Ralphie said:

Three Pines is a VERY small town, so the crime rate there had to be astronomical!  Same with Cabot Cove and a few others I would assume.

Louise Penny has said she tries to set every other book outside Three Pines, because there's only so many murders that can happen in a small town.

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