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UCONN is getting demolished.


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South Carolina is the new UCONN/Auburn.

And the girls can play serious basketball.

In our high school, we had a Jennifer Watson who set all kinds of county basketball records on our school's State Champion team.  She went on to play at Auburn on a scholarship in its glory days with Coach Pat Summit.

I knew Jen since she was a toddler and her brother Rodney played on the same Little League team as my brother Tim.

I was coaching Indoor Track during Basketball season and, one rainy day, we found ourselves in the gym 15 minutes before our practice times.

I had played high school varsity basketball, so I wasn't bad at it.

I bounced a basketball to her and said, "Let's see how good you really are, Jen," and the 5'7" teenager and 6'3" mid-30's me went 1 on 1.

After the basket score was 11-4 in her favor where she felt sorry for me and had let me get a couple easy layups, I gave up.  She was better than anyone else - male or female - I had ever played against.

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